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Watch this video and more on Speakeasy Yoga Virtual Studio

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Strong Express | Erica Gad | 15 minutes

Newly Added • 15m

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  • Strong Express | Krista Stevic | 16 m...

    Wake up or find movement any time of this day with this short express flow! Each Strong class offers a dynamic practice with a heightened emphasis on breath, movement, intelligent sequencing, and posture variations to find the most benefit for your time on the mat.

  • Postnatal Flow | Kyla Aida | 30 minutes

    Perfect for people during the postnatal phase of a pregnancy journey, this postnatal flow is geared towards gently strengthening the body and mind through breath and movement.

    PLEASE NOTE: If you are pregnant or under the care of a physician post pregnancy, Speakeasy Yoga strongly encourages you...

  • Barre Basics | M’Le Leach | 44 minutes

    A class to complement and support your movement practice. Barre is a low-impact, high-intensity workout that combines elements of ballet, pilates, and yoga to strengthen your body. Class may occasionally use light hand-weights, a yoga block, pilates ball, and yoga strap. If you do not have these ...