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Fri 9/30 6AM | Strong | Chris

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  • Fri 9/30 9AM | Simple | M'Le

    Foundational flows to build strength and reconnect to yourself. Here you'll learn appropriate alignment for your body, emphasize breath to movement connection, and maybe even get a good sweat. Perfect for the beginner, the advanced, and everyone in between.

  • Fri 9/30 12PM | Strong | Tori

    Harness your physical and mental strength. Each Strong class offers a dynamic practice with a heightened emphasis on breath, movement, intelligent sequencing, and posture variations to find the most benefit for your time on the mat.

  • Fri 9/30 4PM | Long Slow + Deep | Erica

    A perfect mix of gentle movement, longer stretches, and restorative yoga allows you to destress and find space for quiet reflection. Whether your typical practice is powerful or you opt for a gentle set of postures, this class is the perfect complement.