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Fri 7/19 5:30PM | Strong | Aaron

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  • Fri 7/19 7PM | Candlelight Yin | Megan

    Yin is a slow practice, where there are fewer postures and longer holds. This style of yoga promotes mobility and aims to prevent injury by targeting the connective tissues, such as ligaments, bones, and the joints of the body that are not normally exercised in a more active asana class.
    This sty...

  • Sat 7/20 8AM | Strong | Kyla

    Harness your physical and mental strength. Each Strong class offers a dynamic practice with a heightened emphasis on breath, movement, intelligent sequencing, and posture variations to find the most benefit for your time on the mat.

  • Sat 7/20 9:30AM | Strong + Stretch | ...

    Living in a fast paced world may make us want to sweat it out and work hard, but we could all use some time to slow down and find stillness, too. Just like our strong class, this practice will get you moving, breathing, and challenge you mentally and physically, but will also spend some extra tim...